Is Nimble Storage Support A Thing Of The Past: Buyout Promises vs. Buyout Reality?

On April 17, 2017, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced their acquisition of Nimble Storage, Inc.1 Many questioned what would happen to Nimble’s signature support and their InfoSight predictive analytics tool.

Emotions ran high as IT professionals conversed about the subject on forums such as the “Sysadmin” thread on Reddit. Excerpts below2

Concerns About Nimble

Username “HeadacheCentral” stated, 

“Nimble's biggest selling point for me was the support - call them once, and you're onto the guy who can help you fix it.
HPE's ‘support’ is a joke - crappy VoIP lines to some [bleep] cube farm ‘call logging center’ in Singapore or India or Malaysia staffed by people who I frequently can't understand because of their accents. And then the immediate response of ‘Oh, your firmware is out of date, please upgrade it before we will replace the failed hard drive’ and the 4 or 5 calls before you actually get something done.”
Username “TechnocratByNight” shared, 
“We've just bought our second unit and have no concerns. The arrays are phenomenal and the level of support that Nimble provide was one of the reasons HPE bought them.”
Username “Miserygut” chimed in, 
“Infosight support is mostly automated. If HPE have any sense (I'm being extremely generous) they'll keep the Nimble model and use Infosight across the rest of their products to run lean/good quality support. Then again this is HPE we're talking about.’

Contributors to the thread conveyed their opinions both pro and con about Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s acquisition of Nimble Storage, Inc.

But it wasn’t until username “HPEStorageGuy” spoke up that you learned how HPE intended to use Nimble within their IT ecosystem.

Buyout Promises

“HPEStorageGuy” explained,

“HPE plans to integrate Nimble in a way that will retain the unique Nimble customer experience.” He wrote, there “are three aspects to maintaining and improving the customer experience over time:

1. The plan is to integrate the existing Nimble support and management team into the HPE organization. They will continue to be dedicated to supporting the Nimble Storage product line.

2. Beyond the support experience, Nimble customers frequently reference that they love Nimble because it ‘just works.’ HPE is planning to integrate Nimble engineers and management into HPE and maintain them as a product group. Design for simplicity, quality and resiliency will continue to be guiding principles for the development and QA teams.

3. The predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of InfoSight are strengthened as the volume of data points available for analysis grows. By integrating information across the HPE server, 3PAR and Simplivity installed base, InfoSight will become more powerful and be able to predict and prevent more issues.”

If you’re interested, “HPEStorageGuy” also wrote an article on HPE’s Community Site which expands on this information in greater detail. You can read it here.

Buyout Reality

Since the HPE's acquisition, Nimble Storage support has remained strong with even more improvement to come in the form of an Autonomous Data Center using HPE InfoSight technology.

You can read many HPE Nimble testimonials by satisfied clients here.

But what does all this mean if you purchased Nimble Storage Arrays in the past but do NOT want to upgrade to HPE’s version of Nimble Storage now?

How can you prolong the life of your Nimble Storage Arrays to save you money — to maximize the return on your investment — all while laying your head on your pillow at night without worry … confident in the fact that your data systems are being carefully monitored and serviced should ever the slightest of hiccup occur?

Man On Wire

Does the name, Philippe Petit, ring a bell?

Philippe is a Frenchman, who made history on August 7, 1974, by walking between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on a tightrope. Although he performed this heroic feat illegally (because who in their right mind would have issued him a permit), Philippe performed his death-defying stunt with confidence and poise traversing the wire back and forth a total of eight times over the course of 45 minutes. The movie, Man On Wiredocuments Philippe’s walk and his years of preparation leading up to it.

In many ways, you as an IT professional are like Philippe being asked to walk a tightrope between your aging IT system and the ever-changing technological landscape unfolding in front of you.

It’s much the same as a balancing act where the slightest of missteps can cause significant data loss resulting in catastrophic repercussions to you and your organization.

Your Safety Net

Think of Sherlock Services as your “safety net” to protect you from falling.

Day in and day out we are on the front lines, in the trenches, monitoring your system hardware to limit downtime and maximize operational efficiency.

Sherlock Services offers hardware break/fix and software phone assistance for Nimble and HPE Nimble Storage Arrays.

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“There’s Waldo”: Seeing More Value in 3rd-Party Hitachi Support

You’ve likely spotted him hiding in children’s picture books — Waldo, of “Where’s Waldo” acclaim.1

Now there’s a robot to assist you in your quest to find this elusive character.

There’s Waldo” the robot was designed by Matt Reed (a creative technologist at Redpepper) to find Waldo in crowded scenes filled with thousands of illustrated characters. 2

The lad, in his red and white striped sweater with matching pom-pom hat, once took minutes if not hours to find. Now, with the help of “There’s Waldo” the robot, Waldo only takes mere seconds to locate.3

There’s Waldo” the robot makes it quick and easy to spot Waldo, no matter which page he’s on or which book he’s hiding in.

The same can be said of Sherlock Services 3rd-party Hitachi Support. They are specialists at what they do, providing value by pinpointing and resolving issues across a company’s entire IT infrastructure.

Seeing Value

Seeing value in your 3rd-party Hitachi Support requires patience. You won’t see it or observe it all at once. But as time passes, and you go through experiences where you’re in a pinch, it becomes clear just how valuable having the backing of a competent and dependable 3rd-party IT support team really is.

Tech Bud appeared to wrestle with this question on the Hitachi Vantara Community blog when he asked…

"Hi All, Please let me know what are the pros and cons by having HDS support instead of third party support.”4

Erwin van Londen, a Technical Analyst with Hitachi Vantara Global Support, was honest about his Hitachi vendor bias but included the following in his reply…

“There may be reasons you want to go with a third party company if you have for example equipment from multiple vendors but still want to have a single support-bill and contact point.” … “In all cases it is up to you the customer to make that decision. There are really smart guys out there working for Hitachi partners who a very capable in helping out in many situations.”5

Following are some additional benefits to think about when considering 3rd-party IT Support from Sherlock Services.

1. “There’s Value” in Relationship

When you sign on with Sherlock Services, you partner with a team of individuals committed to your success. They know Hitachi Storage well and are your lifeline in cases of emergency.

This is a comforting thought when you are faced with a difficult situation and unsure of the steps that should be taken to resolve it. Simply knowing that qualified Sherlock staff are available to help does wonders to clear the head and restore a sense of confidence under pressure.

There are also advantages to having a team of competent IT professionals be the liaison between your company and your vendors. This keeps you and your employees focused on what’s most important throughout the day and limits the loss of downtime that could otherwise be reinvested elsewhere.

Furthermore, being in a relationship with a 3rd-party Hitachi Support network provides ample means for cross-pollination of helpful IT know how. It enables you a single source of protection not only for your Hitachi Storage hardware but also for the additional branded hardware that you may own as well.

2. “There’s Value” in Experience

Sherlock Services offers a wealth of experience via the techs they hire. They are competent and certified on every branded IT platform which they support. When you partner with Sherlock Services you gain a virtual army of experienced technicians who are ready, willing, and able to serve you no matter where you’re located in the United States. This is invaluable should you have a hardware failure and need to immediately fix or replace.

Having full access to this reservoir of experience is also helpful when asking for advice. Because Sherlock Services is a 3rd-party IT service provider their loyalty is to you their client and NOT to the OEM vendor. This means you can trust their honest assessment of a given situation and have full confidence in knowing that they are not steering you one way or the other based on brand loyalty or the commissions they receive for new product sales.

3. “There’s Value” in Flexibility

Last but not least, there’s value in Sherlock Services’ pricing structure. Because Sherlock is a 3rd-party service provider, they have much less overhead then OEM vendors who must pay extensively for ongoing R&D of their product line as well as for new hardware and software releases which come out year after year.

This lack of overhead gives Sherlock Services the flexibility to price their services competitively.

It also provides you the opportunity to simplify your IT support by combining all of your branded equipment onto one invoice, which can represent significant cost savings in and of itself.

Seeing More Value

In 1986, Martin Handford, a British illustrator, contacted a publishing house with the idea for a book of crowd scenes. Martin was especially fond of crowd scenes and enjoyed drawing them ever since he was a boy. The publisher liked his idea and suggested Martin create a character for viewers to try and spot in each of his pictures. This would give book readers something to focus on while viewing his artwork.6

Martin latched hold of the idea and a year later published the book, “Where’s Wally” (known as “Where’s Waldo” in North America). The project was a success and today Mr. Handford’s books are published in 19 different languages worldwide.7

Little did Martin know that years later Matt Reed would invent “There’s Waldo” the robot to scan Martin’s artwork and search for Waldo.

Both Martin Handford and Matt Reed had ideas and pursued them. Their work inspires us to be alert to the value being manifest all around us.

Like Tech Bud, you may be wondering about the value of 3rd-party IT support. If so, remember this…

1. “There’s Value” in Relationship

2. “There’s Value” in Experience

3. “There’s Value” in Flexibility

3.5. “There’s Value” in Hiring Sherlock Services As Your Go-To 3rd-Party Resource

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