Is Nimble Storage Support A Thing Of The Past: Buyout Promises vs. Buyout Reality?

On April 17, 2017, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced their acquisition of Nimble Storage, Inc.1 Many questioned what would happen to Nimble’s signature support and their InfoSight predictive analytics tool.

Emotions ran high as IT professionals conversed about the subject on forums such as the “Sysadmin” thread on Reddit. Excerpts below2

Concerns About Nimble

Username “HeadacheCentral” stated, 

“Nimble's biggest selling point for me was the support - call them once, and you're onto the guy who can help you fix it.
HPE's ‘support’ is a joke - crappy VoIP lines to some [bleep] cube farm ‘call logging center’ in Singapore or India or Malaysia staffed by people who I frequently can't understand because of their accents. And then the immediate response of ‘Oh, your firmware is out of date, please upgrade it before we will replace the failed hard drive’ and the 4 or 5 calls before you actually get something done.”
Username “TechnocratByNight” shared, 
“We've just bought our second unit and have no concerns. The arrays are phenomenal and the level of support that Nimble provide was one of the reasons HPE bought them.”
Username “Miserygut” chimed in, 
“Infosight support is mostly automated. If HPE have any sense (I'm being extremely generous) they'll keep the Nimble model and use Infosight across the rest of their products to run lean/good quality support. Then again this is HPE we're talking about.’

Contributors to the thread conveyed their opinions both pro and con about Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s acquisition of Nimble Storage, Inc.

But it wasn’t until username “HPEStorageGuy” spoke up that you learned how HPE intended to use Nimble within their IT ecosystem.

Buyout Promises

“HPEStorageGuy” explained,

“HPE plans to integrate Nimble in a way that will retain the unique Nimble customer experience.” He wrote, there “are three aspects to maintaining and improving the customer experience over time:

1. The plan is to integrate the existing Nimble support and management team into the HPE organization. They will continue to be dedicated to supporting the Nimble Storage product line.

2. Beyond the support experience, Nimble customers frequently reference that they love Nimble because it ‘just works.’ HPE is planning to integrate Nimble engineers and management into HPE and maintain them as a product group. Design for simplicity, quality and resiliency will continue to be guiding principles for the development and QA teams.

3. The predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities of InfoSight are strengthened as the volume of data points available for analysis grows. By integrating information across the HPE server, 3PAR and Simplivity installed base, InfoSight will become more powerful and be able to predict and prevent more issues.”

If you’re interested, “HPEStorageGuy” also wrote an article on HPE’s Community Site which expands on this information in greater detail. You can read it here.

Buyout Reality

Since the HPE's acquisition, Nimble Storage support has remained strong with even more improvement to come in the form of an Autonomous Data Center using HPE InfoSight technology.

You can read many HPE Nimble testimonials by satisfied clients here.

But what does all this mean if you purchased Nimble Storage Arrays in the past but do NOT want to upgrade to HPE’s version of Nimble Storage now?

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Man On Wire

Does the name, Philippe Petit, ring a bell?

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In many ways, you as an IT professional are like Philippe being asked to walk a tightrope between your aging IT system and the ever-changing technological landscape unfolding in front of you.

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