About Us

Sherlock Services is one of the premier post warranty providers of hardware and software support for HP, 3PAR, Hitachi, Compellent, LSI, IBM, Sun, Dell, EMC and various other products. The Sherlock Services Mission is to maintain our customer’s enterprise infrastructure so that they can operate 24x7x365 without interruption to their business.

In 1991, the company Sherlock Systems and Solutions operated primarily as a Hewlett-Packard® computer parts broker and an HP3000 support vendor. Sherlock has grown by judiciously studying the market to understand where there are opportunities to serve target customers with an expanded array of services. Over time, the company expanded its offerings to include Hewlett-Packard® HP9000 systems for support. Once recognizing that our support offerings began to grow, we wanted the name to also represent what we do. Today, Sherlock Services has expanded its expertise in all aspects of the data center. Additionally, Sherlock Services is known as an industry “go to” for support and maintenance on Hitachi / HP / Sun Storage Arrays, 3PAR Storage Arrays, and HP Superdome Servers. Over the past few years, we have added LSI storage arrays, EMCDell Compellent storage arrays, and Dell x86 Servers to the repertoire of platforms we support.

Sherlock Services offers support contracts that vary from 24×7 – 4 hour response to 5 day – 8am-5pm next day response depending on your needs. Depending on the location and need, we supply our customers with “spares kits” so that parts, likely to experience failure, are on-site and ready to be used. With local parts and technicians, we are able to solve hardware failures quickly and cost effectively. With our Proactive Health Check Assessment, we discover potential problems in advance to avoid possible future downtime. Our support technicians are fully certified and are capable of performing assessments, installation, maintenance, and administration of all systems, and storage.

In addition to our primary business of supporting the hardware needs of our customers, Sherlock Services also provides moving, transport and disposition services. We offer basic data center moving services, to fully packed and crated services in preparation of shipping to a remote destination or country. Our fully insured services are ready for your next moving project.

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