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This page contains the instructions to download and execute our HP-UX Health Check on an HP9000 or HP Integrity system.   This health check is non-invasive and only collects information about the system and attached peripherals to better assist you with support issues.

For questions regarding any of this script, please feel free to call us at 866.827.6804 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

HP-UX Health Check

1. Download the file to your UNIX server using FTP in ascii transfer mode and place it in the /var/tmp directory
2. Execute the command –> chmod 700 /var/tmp/
3. Execute the command –> ./var/tmp/
4. The script will run for approximately 10 minutes
5. The output file will be named after your hostname and placed in the /var/tmp directory. Ex. /var/tmp/sysa.120120.1217.supportinfo.tar.gz
6. Please transfer /var/tmp/hostname.xxxxxx.xxxx.supportinfo.tar.gz from your system in binary mode and forward it to

Format: (45k)
Last updated: April 11, 2017