Remote Support

Bomgar – “Over The Shoulder” Support

Bomgar is our remote facility Support ApplianceTM which allows the customer to give the Support Technician limited or full control of their workstation or system console. This allows the system manager to watch “Over The Shoulder” while our Support Engineers perform the diagnostics for a total learning experience. This service comes standard with a Seamless Support maintenance contract via the Support Portal. Non-contractual environments can utilize the same remote support with a special access key.

Features Include:

  • Firewall compatible – no port forwarding
  • Incident based – no pre-installed software
  • Secure, immediate, client-requested support
  • Faster handling time – fewer repeat incidents
  • Full reboot/auto-reconnect for easier troubleshooting
  • Full remote workstation or system console control (screen, mouse, keyboard control)

Simplified remote support

Simply sign into the Seamless Support Share Point Web Portal and click on an available Support Engineer. This will allow us guest viewing or full remote access of your screen, mouse & keyboard. Because all connections are outbound, Bomgar works even through corporate firewalls. You can terminate the session at will.

Secure support – Audited by Symantec

Bomgar has been security audited to ensure that all session data is kept under lock and key. The Support ApplianceTM architecture and 256 SSL AES encryption facilitate secure connectivity and aid in maintaining a strong compliance posture.

Get the features you need for remote desktop support:

Bomgar provides remote access for our entire client base with no end-user deployment or maintenance. With Bomgar one-step connection, we can begin troubleshooting online immediately, making the process of remote support simple and fast for everyone involved.