Hardware Sales

Rethinking TPM, Third Party MaintenanceCustomers can now partner with Sherlock Services for their IT hardware needs. Whether you need new hardware , refurbished, used or legacy hardware, Sherlock Services can fulfill your requirements. We offer complete systems and system components for the following:

Storage Arrays

  • Entry Level, Midrange, Enterprise Class, Backup including Tape
  • Manufacturers include Dell EMC, HPE including 3PAR and Nimble, Hitachi, Nexsan, IBM, NetApp, and others


  • X86 servers including rack mount, blades and tower
  • HP 9000
  • HP 3000
  • Manufacturers include Dell, HPE, IBM and others

Networking Equipment

  • Networking switches and SAN switches, routers, firewalls, wireless controllers and access points
  • Manufacturers include Cisco, Aruba, HP, Brocade, Juniper, Dell, and others


  • Impact, dot matrix, large format, laser, and thermal
  • Manufacturers include HP, Dascom, Tally Genicom, Lexmark, Zebra, Printronix and others

Accessories and Components

  • We also sell processors, drives, memory, RAID controllers, networking cards, power supplies, racks, UPS, cables and other components

Services, Support, Emergencies

  • Will you need installation services for your hardware purchase? Sherlock Services provides on-site technical support and installation services. Have an IT hardware emergency? We can process many orders for priority overnight delivery to get you back up and running.

Value of Purchasing Used or Refurbished Computer Hardware

  • Superior value and performance – all while staying within your IT budget.
  • Maximizing the return on the initial cost of the IT equipment.
  • Decrease the total cost of ownership.
  • Purchasing used or refurbished IT equipment provides users with a savings of up to 90% from the manufacturers’ list price. This allows IT managers and IT procurement the flexibility to allocate these savings to other strategic IT initiatives and projects.
  • Having spares on-hand and ready to take over should any malfunction occur provides peace of mind.
  • While the equipment may be outdated for the bleeding-edge needs of a large corporate enterprise, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have years of usable life remaining.
  • Companies can utilize used or refurbished IT systems and components for test lab environments where new systems are not necessarily required for testing.
  • Excellent option as a short-term or interim solution.
  • Consider keeping parts in your inventory for your legacy and end-of-life hardware.
  • Immediate deployment and low cost for test environments or virtualization.
  • Stand-by parts for your disaster recovery planning.

Green Strategy and Corporate Sustainability

  • Purchasing used and refurbished hardware is one of the most environmentally responsible investments available. Not only are there the reductions in carbon from not manufacturing new equipment, but also saving landfills from non-degradable waste significantly reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Helps protect you against the high cost of purchasing, expanding or upgrading your business critical systems and network equipment while allowing you to fulfill your commitment to environmentally responsible business choices.
  • By purchasing used or refurbished equipment instead of new, you are taking one more computer component out of the e-waste system, increasing the usable lifespan of the equipment, and doing the right thing for human health and the environment.

Used or Refurbished Computer Hardware – What is the Difference?

  • There can be a big difference between used computer components and refurbished components. If you’re planning on buying a refurbished component, quality levels can vary significantly. While all refurbished equipment can be considered used, not all used equipment will have necessarily gone through the rigorous testing and passed the exacting standards assigned to equipment that is classified as “refurbished.” In short, with “used” gear, there is no way to guarantee that the equipment has been tested at all.
  • Specifically, you may want to ask where the equipment came from and what testing, cleaning, and repair activities have been completed. Quality refurbished equipment undergoes a process to test functionality, performance, and addresses any deficiencies that have been identified.
  • Buying used or refurbished equipment can feel a little risky if you’ve never done it before. But surprisingly, buying used or refurbished equipment can be a smart and low-risk way to save money on a computer equipment purchase.
  • If you only need the part as a short-term solution, buying used or refurbished could be a better choice because it won’t tie up as much of your capital as buying new.

Our Commitment to You

  • If we don’t have it in our inventory we have access to partner networks to source your equipment for you.
  • Our IT equipment is rigorously tested for quality assurance, and its performance is guaranteed. All the refurbished equipment that we sell has been wiped clean of data and reset to factory defaults.
  • Products often ship same or next day.
  • We can provide you service for your hardware purchase with our Third Party Maintenance (TPM) offerings.

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