Hitachi End fo Service Life (EOSL) 5/3/18

Hitachi will provide best effort for service extensions until 12/31/18 for the following platforms:

  • AMS 2300
  • AMS 2500

End of service life for these platforms was 9/30/17.

Please contact Sherlock Services f you have questions or if you would like a maintenance quote for your Hitachi system.

NetApp EOSL for 2018 4/27/18

For 2018, NetApp has announced End of Service Life (EOSL) for the following platforms: 

  • FAS6210
  • FAS6240
  • FAS6280
  • FAS3210
  • FAS3240
  • FAS3270

Contact Sherlock Services if you have questions or to get a maintenance quote on your NetApp systems.


EOSL EMC for 2018 4/24/18

EMC has announced End of Service Life (EOSL) for the following platforms:

  • VNXe3100
  • VNXe3300
  • Isilon S200 - 100GB SSD
  • Isilon X200 - 500GB SSD
  • Isilon X400 - 100GB SSD

Contact Sherlock Services if you have questions or to get a maintenance quote for your EMC system.



Paying Too Much For Maintenance? 04/20/18

Did you know that many 3rd party providers sub-contract most everything? This means you could be paying 15% to 25% more for the same services we provide direct. Sherlock Services is a Third Party Maintenance support company providing break/fix support for equipment in the data center.

We provide support for:








and more

Check out our offerings at www.sherlockservices.com to see the list of equipment that we directly support or call us at (866) 827-6804.


Data Center Relocation Service 4/13/18

Recently, one of our partners contacted us regarding one of their clients. The company was a Southeast-based identity verification company wanting to move their data center from Florida to Georgia. The move was planned and organized for months. The week of the move, Sherlock sent two engineers to Florida to map out all the cabling, equipment locations and to prepare the move. On Friday, the systems were brought down and by 2 pm, the customers' data racks and equipment were loaded up and headed North by Sherlock's certified carrier. At 8 am Saturday, the equipment was unloaded into the new data center in Georgia. All of the equipment was relocated into new data racks, the rewiring completed and the customer was back online that evening.  Another successful data center relocation; just one example how Sherlock Services supports your Enterprise IT needs.


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