IT Solutions

Sherlock Services addresses the needs that plague enterprise IT operations.

We provide data center relocation services, IT asset disposition, and printer support.

Relocation Services

We understand the need to move equipment or data centers between locations for convenience and cost savings.

We have years of experience in moving equipment and are able to provide an action plan to move a single system or a while computer room. This enables us to cut downtime, control spending, and reduce liability for easy relocation.

Media Destruction

For equipment or media that is no longer usable, we provide Secure ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition). When the disposition is complete, we issue a COD (Certification of Destruction) with serial numbers of all media destroyed.

Printer Support

We provide third-party maintenance for many brand name printers. We also have refurbished printers in stock and can offer service contracts or T&M support in cities across the globe.

With a proven IT management track record, Sherlock Services is your choice for ongoing third-party maintenance and support for your IT environment.

Do you have too many companies touching your infrastructure? Sherlock Services can do more than just support your Data. Fill out this form to ask what Sherlock Services can do for you! We will reach out to you quickly and answer any questions you may have!