Media Destruction

Data destruction will give you peace of mind that your data is safe. The physical destruction of information is the most secure way to get rid of e-waste. It is the only method of data destruction that can 100% guarantee that your data will never be recovered.

For equipment or media that is no longer usable and needs an appropriate disposition, Sherlock Services can provide Secure ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposition). All equipment is properly disposed in accordance with the EPA. All media is wiped to meet all security needs.  Once completed, a COD (Certificate of Destruction) is provided with serial numbers of all media destroyed. An EPA document can be provided upon request.

As part of the service we will provide you documentation and pictures for the following:

  • Equipment acquisition process
  • Sealing of the vehicle
  • Cutting the seal of the vehicle
  • Loading the media onto the conveyor of the shredder
  • Shredded scrap material

All media is formatted to meet strict NIST SP800-88 specifications.

Data destruction helps you to avoid hefty fines. When there is a security breach, it can often lead to businesses losing thousands of dollars towards various penalties. In this case, the best offense is a good defense. Help to avoid an expensive security breach by destroying your old data.

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Download Media Destruction Brochure