Rethinking TPM

Rethinking Third Party Maintenance TPMYou Could Be Paying Too Much for Data Center Support and Not Know It.

Do you know how much your OEM IT maintenance costs you? Of course, you do. But, have you ever stopped to factor the real expense hiding behind these name brand SLAs?

Your data center equipment has a service life. And it’s your job to maximize the use of this equipment for as long as possible.

Have you ever asked your OEM service provider how long it will be before they divest all of their legacy equipment support contracts?

The truth is, not all data center support is the same.

Often these plans push towards upgrading equipment with little concern for the economic strain it places on the organization needing help. Even worse, some support providers point to a quick “response time” as the key metric for their success, when in reality, what should matter most is their “time to resolution.” How fast can they fix the problem?

It’s network downtime that kills a business. So resolving IT issues quickly should be the number #1 goal for any support provider worth their salt.

As the gatekeeper of your funds, you know what it’s like to make tough financial decisions for your company. And deciding on the best IT maintenance plan for your organization is no exception. Because of this, many CFOs and business executives are recognizing the value of outsourcing their IT maintenance and support to a trusted 3rd-party provider.

Consider the following benefits for hiring Sherlock Services as your third-party maintenance provider of choice:

Ease of Doing Business (Flexible Service Agreements)

When supporting an aging data center, there’s a big difference between “End-of-Warranty” and “End-of-Life.” Many times, OEM service providers will begin to divest their support of legacy equipment by assigning less experienced IT staff to an account, or gradually become less responsive to phone calls and other supportive tasks.

Not so with Sherlock Services. We specialize in these areas and offer flexible service agreements to meet the constraints of most budgets.

Our Co-Terminus Program allows you to combine various OEM service contracts into a single package which can later be terminated at the same time.

Single Source for Support

Sherlock Services helps to save you money by alleviating all the wasted back and forth communication between you and OEM support. This communication is especially helpful if you are operating different manufacturer equipment within your Data Center. Instead of trying to maintain contact with various manufacturers, allow Sherlock Services to demonstrate our value by becoming your one-stop shop for all things IT maintenance related.

Better First-Time Fix Rates

Sherlock’s minimum 4-hour response time and speed to resolution is some of the best in the industry. Our highly skilled Level-3 Engineers are quick to respond and resolve all your hardware issues.

Strategically Deployed Spare Parts

Sherlock Services maintains an inventory of approximately 20K parts in our warehouse ready and waiting to replenish spare parts stored at client locations. Such preparedness means no more waiting for service parts to arrive. They are already available on-site, or ready for immediate deployment, as soon as there is a need.

Terms of Business

Sherlock Services has been in business for 28 years with a growing list of happy and satisfied clients. We have a 99% client retention rate and offer generous Net 45-day payment terms. Also, we work with you to determine the best billing cycle for your business — whether it be monthly, quarterly or annual contracts. Contact Us to Learn More…

Predictive Hardware Maintenance

Sherlock Services uses state of the art, proprietary software, PASS (Pro-Active Seamless Support), to analyze and monitor your legacy server storage network 24/7/365. With the help of PASS, Sherlock can alert System Engineers of potential issues before they occur 70% to 85% of the time.

PASS is easy to install and setup, and works in the background. It continually monitors your environment for any changes that may constitute an issue with your equipment’s functionality. Once triggered, the software opens a service ticket and sends error reports to System Engineers who can then troubleshoot and resolve the issue proactively before it becomes a problem or an interruption to your business.1

Support Engineers Average 18 Years of Experience

Sherlock Services engineering staff is second to none. Our veteran roster of Level-3 Engineers each share, on average, 18 years of industry-wide experience. Our engineers know tech. Moreover, when there is a question or concern, they know whom to contact to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Engineering Lab for Problem Simulation and Troubleshooting

In addition, Sherlock maintains a 15,000 square foot Engineering Lab where System Engineers work to resolve complex IT issues. The lab serves as a network simulator to replicate fieldwork challenges and to safeguard against further damage when determining a fix.

Global IT TPM ServicesGlobal Support

Sherlock is a global provider of 3rd-party IT maintenance and support. Our software and service deployment is available across many countries around the world.

Whether you’re a US-based company with branch offices abroad or are a foreign entity looking for American support, Sherlock Services is here for you.


In summary, not all data center support is the same.

Often OEM maintenance providers push towards upgrading equipment while slowly divesting of their legacy support contracts.

Sherlock Services is not like this. We specialize in offering flexible service agreements to meet the constraints of most budgets. We have a 99% client retention rate and offer generous Net 45-day payment terms.

With help from our proprietary software, PASS, we can alert System Engineers of potential issues before they occur 70% to 85% of the time. We hire top Level-3 Engineers and have thousands of spare parts on the ready to assist you in resolving complex challenges whenever they arise.

Partnering with Sherlock Services is investing in a “Worry-Free” state of mind. When it comes to supporting IT, we’re at your service.