Server Support

Sherlock Services is a leading provider of post-warranty hardware support. Our expertly trained staff will help you any time of the day or night, and we continue to expand the number of OEM’s that we support.

X86 Blade Servers

We provide support for most x86 and blade technology on the market today. This includes support for rackmount servers, tower servers, and blade environments.

HP 9000 & HP Integrity Support

We recognize that many businesses need a higher level of support for their mission critical server and software environments. So we offer post-warranty support for hardware break-fix and software assistance.

OS Support

Our Operating System (OS) support is the vehicle through which the Hardware Support Provider interacts with the customer over basic system health. OS Support is not a break-fix arrangement, in that a thorough knowledge of the customers’ IT environment is not only helpful but necessary to resolve many issues that may be software related or presented in such a way that would give the appearance of a hardware issue.

Basic OS Support

Under Sherlock Services Basic OS support, there is no need to have console access into the customer’s environment. All support calls are made over the phone and/or complemented by a white paper which provides answers to resolving a particular issue.

HP 3000 Hardware Support

The HP3000 may no longer be a supported product by Hewlett-Packard® but it is still serving thousands of users with quality performance. We understand the legacy issues with MPE and can work with you to provide ongoing support until you declare the system is obsolete.

HP 3000 OS Support

Our HP3000 Software support will enable you to enjoy increased productivity, reduced downtime, along with individual expert attention. We offer recommendations for software and hardware upgrades, software update help, and monthly performance overviews to keep your systems running at peak efficiency.

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