HP 3000 Hardware Support

The HP3000 may no longer be a supported product by Hewlett-Packard® but it is still serving thousands of users with quality performance. Sherlock Services understands the legacy issues with MPE and can work with you to provide ongoing support until YOU declare the system is obsolete.

Sherlock Services has thorough knowledge of the storage systems supported by MPE including the mod20, 12h, VA, and XP arrays. We can maintain your system as a locked down legacy server or upgrade to improve redundancy and performance.

Many companies no longer have a system administrator who is comfortable with legacy systems. By performing diagnostics and System Administration tasks, we can monitor and manage your hardware and OS. Offsite hosting is also available for archival purposes.

HP3000’s are known for their resiliency, but disaster will eventually strike. Sherlock Services can assist in documenting and preparing your system with a disaster recovery plan. Our support contracts can include complete system reviews and preventative maintenance to help ensure you are protected from downtime and data loss.

Onsite, local depot, or next day part sparing programs will help you return to production as quickly as possible. We have an extensive inventory of hardware to support your entire MPE environment.

Sherlock Services offers Post Warranty Support for hardware break/fix and software phone assistance.  We recognize that you have made a huge investment in enterprise storage and didn’t intend on sweeping it off the floor for new equipment after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. Contact Sherlock Services today for a wide range of support contracts to fit your needs and budget.

We provide support for the following models: 

HP 3000 Servers

  • 925, 930, 930, 949
  • 950, 955, 960, 980

HP 3000 Servers

  • 996, A and N Class
  • 9×9 Series

HP 3000 Servers

  • 917, 920, 922, 927
  • 937, 947, 948, 957
  • 958, 967, 977, 987
  • 990, 991, 992, 995
  • 918, 968, 978, 988

Note: Not all supported products may be listed

Download HP 3000 Hardware Support Brochure