HP 3000 OS Support

Sherlock Services HP3000 Software support will enable the customer to enjoy increased productivity, reduced down time, along with individual expert attention. We offer recommendations for software and hardware upgrades, software update assistance, and monthly performance overviews to keep your systems running at peak efficiency.

Under Sherlock Services OS Support, there is no requirement to having console access into the customer’s environment. All support calls are achieved over the phone and/or complimented by a white paper which provides the antidote for resolving a particular issue.

Below are some of the areas covered for Basic OS Support:

  • File system concepts
  • MPE/iX shutdown and reboot
  • Install and manage software and patches
  • Internet service overview
  • Issues with accessing the system console
  • Job of the shell
  • Logging in and general orientation
  • Messages generated by MPE/iX systems
  • Shutdown, boot, reboot MPE/iX
  • Use some simple MPE/iX commands
  • Use the online help system
  • Using NMMGR
  • Using SYSGEN