OS Support

Operating System (OS) support is the vehicle through which the Hardware Support Provider interacts on a regular basis with the customer over basic system health. OS Support is not a break-fix arrangement, in that a thorough knowledge of the Customers IT Environment is not only helpful, but necessary to resolve many issues that may be software related or be presented in such a way that would give the appearance of a hardware issue. This can be complicated by intermittent hardware failures that mimic or act in conjunction with software issues.

System monitoring from a hardware specialist point of view brings a knowledge base that focuses on hardware upgrades that the customer may not recognize as a potential issue. Issues can be masked as memory leaks, network issues, parameter settings that are no longer relevant based on changed or increased IT system demands, and simple file corruptions that create irritating halts and reboots. Without a coordinated OS and hardware monitoring process, simple system issues can create major havoc when an intermittent issue is combined with a true hard failure.

When a failure occurs, how can you expect the absolute best effort when your service provider can only address hard failures? Without console access and specific knowledge of your IT Environment, remedies are limited to break-fix only, and not always the total problem resolution. When you purchased your system, you received a license to use and a copy of the software product updates for all supported systems covered by the original software license. Operating System support, OS, as defined in the HP SS5 Manual involves two elements, Support Materials and Support Labor.

The Support Materials involves the portion of the support subscription that is directed towards continued development and refinement of the OS and the entitlement to that research.

Support Labor is the availability of a response center and customer support team to answer questions and resolve OS situations. If the Operating Environment (OE) is stabilized at 10.2 or higher and further refinements are not expected, Support materials may not be needed. The customers decision whether to retain or not renew HP OS Support Material will have no direct effect on dropping the Support Labor with HP, as Sherlock Services will maintain your system to the level licensed to the current Environment entitlement.