Disks, Tapes, and Optical

Information is at the heart of every business environment. Keeping your storage environments up and running is critical to the success of your business. Sherlock Services offers remote monitoring to alert our support technicians when the arrays are having issues. Our certified staff is ready to solve events quickly for your critical environments.

Sherlock Services can provide maintenance services for a wide variety of HP disk storage, tape libraries, and optical libraries. We offer annual support contracts along with general configuration services, or we can provide services on a per engagement basis.

Sherlock can provide service and support on the following products:

Disk Arrays

  • SC10
  • FC10
  • DS2100
  • DS2405
  • Mod10
  • Mod20
  • Mod30
  • Mod12H
  • Mod12
  • FC60

Tape and Optical

  • ESL Series
  • MSL Series
  • SureStore
  • StorageTek
  • DDS
  • DLT
  • SDLT
  • Ultrium
  • LTO
  • Magneto Optical