PASS Monitoring

PASS (Pro-Active Seamless Support) is a full-featured, automated solution for monitoring your Data Center. It is easy to install and setup, and it works in the background.  PASS constantly monitors your environment for any changes that may constitute an issue with the equipment’s functionality.  Once triggered, it opens a service ticket and sends error reports to System Engineers who can then troubleshoot and resolve the issue proactively before it becomes a problem or an interruption to the business.

How does it work?

With Storage Systems; PASS utilizes the array’s Service Processor’s own monitoring capabilities, as well as PASS’s own protocols, to detect changes or errors in the state of the array. It then saves those changes in a log. Every 10 minutes, PASS compares the new log to the old, hashes and saves any log changes. It zips, encrypts and sends the log changes to the ‘Central Diagnostic Center’ where the package is unzipped, un-encrypted and un-hashed. The codes in the log are compared to and deciphered from the relevant databases in the Central Diagnostic Center. If there is an error, the Central Diagnostic Center then notifies all related parties (eg. engineers, customer, etc..) and immediately opens up a service ticket in our Response Ticketing system. Engineers can then investigate issues via a secure connection to the ‘interface’.   With Operating Systems; PASS is loaded to a local workstation and monitors devices for triggered events which are severe in nature and passes a notification to the PASS software.  The error log is compared in the same manner as storage to the Central Diagnostic Center and notifies all parties accordingly.

Download PASS Monitoring Spec Sheet