PASS Monitoring

PASS (Pro-Active Seamless Support) automated solution for monitoring your Data Center

PASS (Pro-Active Seamless Support) is a tool Sherlock Services created enabling our Central Diagnostic Center (CDC) to monitor the health of your Enterprise IT equipment. It’s a fully-featured, low-risk, and high-security solution. It’s easy to install and works in the background.  PASS constantly monitors Storage Arrays, Servers, Network equipment, and even Peripheral devices. It looks for any events that may constitute an issue with the equipment’s functionality.  Once triggered, it opens a service ticket with our Central Diagnostic Center and alerts our System Engineers to troubleshoot and resolve any issues proactively before it causes an interruption to your business.

PASS becomes more intelligent every day. It parses through non-actionable events or noise and separates them from severe actionable alerts providing only the pertinent information that you need. This allows you to continue with your day without a barrage of alerts that are repetitive or simply related to each other.

How does it work?

With Storage Systems, PASS utilizes the array’s Service Processor’s own monitoring capabilities, as well as PASS’s own protocols, to detect changes or errors in the state of the array. It saves those changes in a log file every 10 minutes. Then PASS compares the new and old logs, hashes, and saves any changes. It zips, encrypts, and sends the log changes to the Central Diagnostic Center where the package is unzipped, un-encrypted and un-hashed. The codes in the log are compared to and deciphered from the relevant databases in the Central Diagnostic Center. If there is an error, notifications are sent to pre-determined parties (e.g., engineers, customers, etc..) and a service ticket immediately opens in our Response Ticketing system. Engineers investigate issues via a secure connection to the ‘management interface’.

With Servers, PASS is loaded to a local workstation and monitors devices for triggered events, and passes a notification to the PASS workstation.  The error log is compared in the same manner as storage and sent to the Central Diagnostic Center then notifies all parties accordingly.

A heartbeat is built into PASS which alerts us when an asset goes offline and the alerts stop flowing. You can be assured that our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) knows what is happening in your environment and alerts you when issues arise.


In today’s high-risk world, companies are extremely cautious to allow more software such as Remote Monitoring & Management systems access to their environment. RMM’s are quite often used for automated updating tasks and require inbound connections making networks more vulnerable to such attacks as the Solar Winds or Kaseya RMM infiltrations. Security professionals are always trying to reduce access to the outside world, not make it more vulnerable. The beauty of our PASS system is how it works using one-way or outbound only http (443). In an environment with even higher security, it can send messages via your company’s own email server. Your security team can be certain that we are not creating inbound traffic or providing access in any way to your network environment. All error log information is encrypted. PASS does not access your data, usernames, or passwords so it will not transmit company information in the process. Only your alerts come to us, therefore; not compromising your network or environment in any way.

Our exclusive PASS monitoring tool can be deployed in your environment whether we cover one asset or all your Enterprise IT assets. As always, with Sherlock Services, when it comes to supporting IT, we’re at your Service.

Download PASS Monitoring Spec Sheet